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Canon Rangefinders family model list

After the war, the Japanese camera makers embarked on making Leica clones, selling them like a fire in the bushes. The local GI contingent was the early target market and thereafter exported same to the US. Most makers are just a memory, such as Tanaka and Nicca, Reise and Leotax, Meguro and Zenobia, and more. Canon produced a long list of Leica clones and changed midway to a slightly different style, Canon’s own. There were slight changes between the models, and to keep them selling without being hindered by picky buyers, the Leica lookalikes carried no identifications.

I have a few on the shelf, so created the list below to finally get it in order. Note that some transitional models are not cut and dry, like an L1 I have which is sitting on the fence.

For more options, such as colours, special editions, and lens / body combinations, see the sister site,



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