Argus / Cosina STL 1000

Argus / Cosina STL 1000 If you ever plan to brave the wilderness and take a camera with you, the best bet is the Argus / Cosina STL 1000. Same as the hyphenated Brits were destined to become army officers, this long-named monster has been created to become a warrior. …


Cosina CT-10

Cosina CT-10 Perhaps envious of the 1976 ME and 1979 Nikon EM, in 1980 Cosina presented the CT-10.  A stripped-down of this camera type. Shutter priority automatic, with a traffic-light mounted in the viewer left. You may select from Auto, X flash synch or B, Not much to consider. Body …


Cosina CT-1

Cosina is the Forest Gamp of cameras. cameras made under own brand were never at the popularity forefront, but their cameras are found under most other brands. Foto Quelle and Porst who sold clouds full of East German junk also sold Cosina products under own banner. Cosina made cameras and …