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King Regula camera list

King was established in Germany in 1936 as a machine shop and entered the camera world in the early 1950s. They made a long list of Regula-named camera models, from entry-level viewfinders to rangefinders, with or without light meters, and several pocket, 126-format and disk models. My records show only one box camera (made by Vredeborch) and no klapp / folders, which is odd compared to the model evolution seen in other camera makers. Perhaps their late entry into the market did not merit such models.

When the photography world turned to SLR models, Regula seemed to have copied a Leitz model, which had resulted in a lengthy and costly legal action by Leitz against them, in which they lost at a cost that had incapacitated the company. After a short foray into cheap point-and-shoot and disk models, The company closed in 1984.

King sold cameras under own branding and made cameras for an exceptionally long list of other distributors, such as Boots, Dixson’s, Sawyers, Foto Quelle, Naert, Baliphoto, Obergassner, Porst, Creter, Ferrania, Hanimex, Wesmuller, Woltje, Ringfoto, Tiranty, Schmidt, Kaufhof, Weitz, Photopia, Soligor, and USC. I am certain there are more.

On top of that, my database lists odd models under the King Regula brand: Azore, Brockmeyer, Ertl Auto, Fotoma Automatic, Winterhoff Colour, Campbell Rapid and Visiorex. These names do not comply with the naming conventions used by King Regula, so I assume they were models made for either the distributors listed above or others.

King had licensed production to IOR in Romania and National Instruments Calcutta in India.

I have tried to make sense of the 130-odd models listed under this name. I have three cameras left under Regula’s name, so detailed information would depend on other sources, which I find incomplete. Further, many differently named cameras seem to be the same or have minor differences, so such a mission is futile.

The King Regula cameras can be sorted into the following groups:

  • The early, classic Regula models are the Regula, Regula I and Regula II.
  • The Reagula III group followed with an updated style.
  • Mixed within these groups is the Regula Cita, which supposedly has higher specs models.
  • The classic style was replaced with redesigned bodies in the early 1960s. The early model naming convention was dropped. The last attempts at serious camera models were named Sprint / Sprinty / Sprintic, Regulette, Picca, Olymatic / Olympia.
  • The final camera run were #126 format, Disk, pocket and point and shoot models.

Please see the schematics below for the two early groups, the Regula I, II and III, as well as the Cita models. I would appreciate any additions/corrections.

To the collector, I have mixed feelings. The early cameras, made till the 1970s, are well made, able and fairly represent the technology of the time. There are plenty offered online, with only a few changing hands, so it looks as if others do not share this view.

Regula I and II

Regula III

Regula all models list

Aidex 1973Viewfinder
Alka 1963Viewfinder
Alka Automatic 1963Viewfinder
Alka Box 1953BoxVredebroch
Alka Vario 1960Viewfinder
Azore 1954RangefinderRegula Iia
Azore V 1954Viewfinder
Brockmeyer 1959Viewfinder
Campbell Rapid SL 1965Viewfinder
Creter Automatic 1961RangefinderRegula L
Dominant 1965Viewfinder
Dominant Diplomatic C 1967Instamatic type
Ertl Auto 1961ViewfinderBali Auto, Okamatic
Fotoma Automatic 1961Rangefinder
Marbus Automatic 1960RangefinderRegula L Auto
Mastra V35 1958ViewfinderPhotopia, USC 35 Iia
Regula 1950ViewfinderKombi
Regula 110 1976Pocket
Regula 118 1977Pocket
Regula 1410 Pocket
Regula 210 1977Pocket
Regula 218 L 1977Pocket
Regula 218 LE 1977Pocket
Regula 35 CM 1983Rangefinder
Regula 35 FE 1983Rangefinder
Regula 35 FM 1980Point and shoot
Regula 35 ME 1980Point and shoot
Regula 410 Pocket
Regula 430 1978Pocket
Regula 510 1978Pocket
Regula 515 Pocket
Regula 580 Motor 1980Pocket
Regula Cita 1954RangefinderRegula Gipsy, Hapo 36
Regula Cita II 1954Rangefinder
Regula Cita III 1956Rangefinder
Regula Citalux 300 1956Rangefinder
Regula Diplomat C 1967Instamatic type
Regula Disc 4001 1982Point and shoot
Regula Disc 4001 MX 1982Point and shoot
Regula Disc 4001 SX 1982Point and shoot
Regula Dominant 1966Viewfinder
Regula Electronic 35 1971Viewfinder
Regula Gipsy 1955RangefinderRegula Cita III
Regula II 1955Viewfinder
Regula II ST 1953Viewfinder
Regula IIa 1954ViewfinderMastra V35
Regula IIb 1956Viewfinder
Regula IId 1954ViewfinderAzore V
Regula III ST 1953Viewfinder
Regula IIIa 1956ViewfinderMastra V35
Regula IIIb 1956Viewfinder
Regula IIIbk 1958Viewfinder
Regula IIIc 1956Rangefinder
Regula IIId 1956Rangefinder
Regula IIId Auto 1956Rangefinder
Regula Insta-King 124 1975Instamatic type
Regula Insta-King 124 Automat 1975Instamatic type
Regula Insta-King 124 Electronic 1975Instamatic type
Regula Ipa 1954Viewfinder
Regula J Viewfinder
Regula KG 1952Viewfinder
Regula L 1958ViewfinderSosna Auto
Regula l A 1953Viewfinder
Regula L Auto 1960Viewfinder
Regula l B 1958Viewfinder
Regula l C 1958Viewfinder
Regula l CA 1958Viewfinder
Regula l D 1958Viewfinder
Regula l F 1958Viewfinder
Regula l P 1953Viewfinder
Regula l Pb 1951Viewfinder
Regula l Po 1951Viewfinder
Regula LE Rangefinder
Regula LK 1959Rangefinder
Regula LKB 1960Viewfinder
Regula Miniking 1974Pocket
Regula Miniking L 1974Pocket
Regula Miniking LK 1978Pocket
Regula Olymatic CdS 1965Viewfinder
Regula Olymatic I 1963Viewfinder
Regula Olymatic Ia 1965Viewfinder
Regula Olymatic II 1963Viewfinder
Regula Olymatic III 1963Viewfinder
Regula Olymatic US 1963Viewfinder
Regula Olympia Autoset I 1960Viewfinder
Regula Olympia Autoset II 1960Viewfinder
Regula Olympia Autoset III 1960Viewfinder
Regula Picca C 1973Viewfinder
Regula Picca CB 1973Viewfinder
Regula Picca CBS 1972Viewfinder
Regula Picca CLK 1972Viewfinder
Regula Picca CS 1972Viewfinder
Regula Picca-Mat 1972Viewfinder
Regula R 1956Rangefinder
Regula Rapid-SE 1964ViewfinderRolltop 35
Regula Rapid-SL 1964Viewfinder
Regula Reflex 2000 CTL 1970Compact SLRKalimar Regula ;Ringfoto refle
Regula Reflex 2000 SL 1972Compact SLR
Regula Reflex K650 1972Compact SLR
Regula RM 1956Rangefinder
Regula Rotor-S 1970Viewfinder
Regula Sprint 1964Viewfinder
Regula Sprint AF 1962Viewfinder
Regula Sprint MDX 1962Viewfinder
Regula Sprint Novacam II 1962Viewfinder
Regula Sprintic 1962Viewfinder
Regula Sprintic C 1964Viewfinder
Regula Sprintic S 1964Viewfinder
Regula Sprintomatic 1965Viewfinder
Regula Sprintomatic S 1965Viewfinder
Regula Sprinty 1963ViewfinderKalimar A III, Prinz Pilot II, Prinz Pilot E
Regula Sprinty 300 1972ViewfinderPrinz Mastermatic
Regula Sprinty B 1963Viewfinder
Regula Sprinty BC 1965ViewfinderNo Name Regula
Regula Sprinty BC 300 1971Viewfinder
Regula Sprinty C 1971Viewfinder
Regula Sprinty C 300 1971Viewfinder
Regula Sprinty CC 300 1971ViewfinderUniversa
Regula Sprinty K Viewfinder
Regula Sprinty LK 300 1971Viewfinder
Regula Super 1959Rangefinder
Regulette 1960Viewfinder
Regulette 125 1963Viewfinder
Regulette 250 S 1964Viewfinder
Regulette 250 SB 1963Viewfinder
Regulette 300 SB 1965Viewfinder
Reporter 1968ViewfinderKaufhoff
Reporter Olympia 1960ViewfinderKaufhoff
Sport Automatic 1960Viewfinder
Tickyphot 35BS 1959ViewfinderSchmidt
Visiorex 1964Viewfinder
Wesmuller Auto 1961Viewfinder
Winterhoff Colour 1963Viewfinder
Woltje Auto 1961Viewfinder
Woltje LK 1961Viewfinder
Woltje LK Super 1962Viewfinder


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