Kodak Retina I – 013

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Kodak Retina I – 013

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The Retina I 013 was the last designated at this name, but not the last in Kodak tradition of using the same name for different camera models. At the same time, it is the first of three similar-looking models, followed by the 1a and the Ib.

The 013, Introduced in 1949 for the European market, was not much different from the previous models, save for some style changes.

The winding is still a ring, with the shutter coked via a lever on the lens barrel. The shutter triggers from the top, so It suffers from the same malaise as the other similar Retinas, where the levers conveying the motion need constant adjustment.

I could not find an online user manual, but as it is similar to the 149 or the 010, it is easy to master.

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