Minolta SRT 101

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Minolta SRT 101 / SRT 201

Minolta was one of the major Japanese camera makers but could not stay abreast at the cutting-edge, fast-changing technologies. Merged with Konika in 2003 and finally was acquired by Sony in 2006, being the basis of the latter digital line. Collection Apparelis carries a fine, brief article about Minolta’s history, so there is no need to research it from scratch.

The SRT 101 is a branch of the Minolta compact SLR line, beginning in 1958 with the SR-2, followed by the SR-1 and its variants, SR-3, SR-5 and SR-7. The T was added to the SR with the aaddition of the TTL measuring.

There were several variants of the SRT 101, distinct only to the trained eye. However, the 101 was followed with a list of siblings, having slight changes which did merit a name variants:
SRT 100, no timer, top speed 500.
SRT 100B, top speed 1000.
SRT 100x, with hot shoe.
SRT Super, home market.
SRT 102, SRT 201, US market.
SRT 101b, SRT 303, European market

A unique for that time was using two light meter cells to compensate for backlight. Hence the  ‘CLC’ embossing at the front, under the Minolta banner, short for contrast-light-compensation.


  • A bottom-mounted dial has three positions: lock, on and battery check.
  • Early models have a mirror-up lock at the lens barrel base by the self-timer lever. If in up position, the camera seems dead.
  • A large push rod under the timer arm fully opens the aperture.
  • To remove the lens, pull down the serrated knob by your left thumb.

The SRT line was highly popular, so many are available for sale. A good one is easy to find at a modest cost. Black bodies carry a higher price tag.

List number 5475 5479
Brand Minolta
Model SRT-101 SRT-201
Manual Urmonas Buktus
Value – see camdex.ca Chrome Chrome
Black Black
Format 35mm
Introduced 1966 1975
AKA See above
Country Japan
Qty made
Initial price 140
Currency USD
Type Compact SLR
Body material Metal
Mode Manual
Weight 700 gr,  Body only
Class average weight 620 gr,  Body only
ASA range 6-6400
Kit lens 1.7/50 1.4/50
Lens make Rokkor
Filter size 52 mm 55mm
Lens mount Minolta Bayonet
Mount size
Shutter Focal plane cloth horizontal
Shutter make
Light meter TTL CdS, match needle
Winder Lever
Lock Yes
Speeds B, 1-1000
Mirror Auto return
Mirror up lock Some variants None
Viewer Fixed eye-level prism
DOF preview Yes
Exposure lock No
Exposure compensation No
Shoe Cold Hot
External sync F/X X
Sync speed 60
Timer Yes, mechanical
Battery, original 625
Battery, replacement 625
Battery voltage 1.5
Integral flash None
Market Global American
Service / repair links See camerlog.com
More Low End Mac – more about the metering system.
Matt’s Classic Cameras
Rokkor Files


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