Pentax Auto 110 Super

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Pentax Auto 110 Super

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Current value, the camera only
Current value, full outfit

Three years after the Pentax Auto 110 launch, Pentax presented the ‘Super’ version, adding a few features to the early model. Physical size and appearance stayed the same; the differences are:

  • A self-timer with a LED indicator marked S on the selector.
  • A shutter lock, marked L.
  • A single-stroke cocking.
  • The trigger button top is now flush with the body, resembling the Olympus XA trigger, to stop wandering fingers.
  • The flash mount plug is strapped to the body, so is there to stay.

Rest stayed unchanged.

Like the earlier version, Pentax offered the camera in several kit selections, either with all accessories set or just a basic kit. The kit offerings were much the same; standard lenses were 2,8-24, 2,8-18, and 2,8-50; all with dedicated mounts. Three more lens options were added, including a short zoom lens, perhaps an answer to the Minolta 110 SLR that came with a fixed zoom lens. As with the early model, two dedicated flash guns to choose from and a new power winder, prone to damage, just as the earlier version.

The Pentax Auto 110 peculiarities were carried forward:

  • A scissors-like shutter that opens to the required aperture value, instead of the standard separate shutter and aperture.
  • Fully automatic, with no override option.
  • Programmed, stepless shutter.
  • The camera is bricked without batteries.
  • A film speed selector lever hides in the film chamber, but the camera reads only 100 or 400 ASA.
  • Touching the flash-enabling pin at the top left corner defaults the shutter speed to 60, the synch speed.

SLR camera at 110 format did not last long. The four models, two by Minolta and two by Pentax, had no succession. Mini 35mm cameras, full and half frame, were offered by other major manufacturers as mainstream products, so the novelty of the 110 wore out. For the collector, I think it is worth investing in an Auto 110 Super, although more expensive than its older sister. A complete set, box included, is indeed a keeper.


List number 33467
Brand Pentax
Format 110
Model Auto 110 Super
Introduced 1982
Country Japan
Qty made
Initial price
Type SLR Mini
Body material Plastic
Mode Auto
Weight 170 gr,  Body only
Class average weight 391 gr,  Body only
ASA range 80-400
Kit lens 2.8 / 18mm, equal to 35mm
2.8 / 24mm equal to 50mm
2.8 / 50mm equal to 100mm
Lens make Pentax
Filter size 25.5mm
Lens mount Proprietary
Mount size
Aperture Within shutter
shutter Two leaves
Light meter CdS, TTL
Winder Lever
Lock Yes
Speeds Stepless, 1″ – /750″
DOF preview No
Exposure lock No
Exposure compensation No
Shoe Proprietary
External sync No
Sync speed
Timer Yes, mechanical
Battery LR44 2ea
Battery style
Battery voltage 3
Integral flash None

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