Pentax MZ-50

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Pentax MZ-50

This camera does not belong here, it is too young to be considered a vintage and was not a classic model. I have it, so it is added. It was bought in the late 1990s when digital models began to pop up, low resolution and more of a novelty. The MZ-50 can do all; see specs below. All that in a compact, lightweight body and is (relatively) easy to use. A clear and concise manual is easy to navigate.

List number 32914
Brand Pentax
Model MZ-50
Manual  Buktus
Value at MZ-50
Format 35mm
Introduced 1997
Country Japan
Initial price
Type Compact SLR
Body material Plastic
Mode Auto  AP / SP, Program, manual
Weight 370 gr,  Body only
Class average weight 610 gr,  Body only
ASA range DX: 25-5000. Manual 6-6400.
Kit lens 3.5-5.6 / 28-90
Lens make Pentax FA
Filter size 58mm
Lens mount Bayonet
Mount size K mount
Shutter Stepless. Focal plane vertical metal
Shutter make
Light meter CdS, TTL
Winder Power winder
Lock Yes
Speeds B, 30sec – /2000
Mirror Auto return
Viewer Fixed eye level prism
DOF preview Yes
Exposure lock Yes
Exposure compensation +/- 3EV
Shoe Hot
External sync No. X with adapter.
Sync speed 60, 100
Timer Yes, electronic
Battery, original 2 ea CR2
Battery, replacement 2 ea CR2
Battery voltage 6V
Integral flash Yes
Other Auto focus. Auto load.
Service / repair links See
More Auto focus. Auto load.

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