Pentax Super Program / Super A

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Pentax Super Program / Super A

Not to be left behind in the electronic cameras race, in 1983 Pentax introduced the Super Program, also sold as Super A. A neat camera, but one needs to speak Pentaxian to work it without a manual. It carried over the ME Super control panel, rather than using civilized selector dials. Also present is the bracketing dial. New for this camera are the dept of field lever and the electronic self-timer, where the self-timer looks like a DOF lever and the DOF looks like a lens release lever. To select the settings, it takes looking into the bright and large viewer, and to search for the display windows. They are visible only at a certain angle, which requires looking down, deep down the viewer, so you cannot see the frame and the display at the same time. To compensate for that there is a tiny display on the top cover between the winding lever and the selector dial, which shows shutter speed. Setting the selector dial is as arduous as in the ME Super.

Pentax Super Program manual

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Pentax Super Program



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