Ricoh KR-10

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Ricoh KR-10

Another well-built, no-nonsense, and under-estimated camera. Solid and heavy body, good speeds selection: B to 1000 to auto, metal curtain, and K-mount, ready for a power winder. Nothing more to ask for an entry-level camera. It seems to share the body with the KR-5.  Similar to the KR-5 it takes to pull the winding handle past the red dot, to fire the shutter. In addition to the speeds offered on the KR-5, there is an auto mode and an X mode used to shoot without batteries. The red light in front was eliminated but its housing is still there. As with the other Ricoh cameras, there is a blank nameplate on the prism, assumingly where rebrands can be marked.

Also offered under CR-10, XR-1000S, A-100.

Ricoh KR10 current value
Ricoh KR-10 Manual

List number 4727
Brand Ricoh
Format 35 mm
Style KR-10
Introduced 1980
AKA CR-10, XR-1000S, A-100
Country Japan
Type SLR
Body material Metal
Mode Auto / manual
Weight, gr, W/O lens 550
ASA range 12-1000
Kit lens 1.2/50
Filter size 52 mm
Lens mount K mount
Mount size
Aperture 1,7 – 16
shutter Focal plane vertical metal
Light meter TTL, manual override
Winder Lever
Lock Yes
Speeds B X
DOF preview No
Exposure lock No
Exposure compensation Yes
Shoe Hot
External sync X
Sync speed 125
Timer Mechanical
Battery A76 2ea
Battery style Button
Battery voltage 1.5
Other Power winder ready



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  1. I have an old RICOH KR 10_M with tripod, leather case ,Achiever Tz250flash with coloured glass,22_3.5Lensewith manuals.The battery housing is corroded and the metal contacts are cactus.Is the camera worth anything to a collector?

    • Ricoh cameras were never collectable, save for a few early models. The KR10 M is a later model, electronically controlled, which is unattractive to the collector. Battery mount corrosion can be easily cleaned. In cameras of that era, the lens could be worth something.

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