Yashica FX-2

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Yashica FX-2

Yashica FX-2 user manual
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The Yashica TLR lineup had followed a traditional pattern, evolving in technology and style as other manufacturers. In 1983 Yashica was swallowed by Kyocera, a hi-tech, we-do-it-all corporation, and the scope had shifted from ‘optical products as an objective’ to ‘optics included in other products’. The FX cameras were the last of the traditional style, metal-bodied, cameras made, where after that, the company shifted to futuristic styles. All that while keeping the CONTAX line alive and well.

The last Yashica camera of that generation that I have on the shelf is the FX-2. A robust, on the heavy side, no-nonsense, no-frills, solid camera. The plain top houses the speed dial and an off/on switch, together with the staple wind and rewind levers, and the trigger. It was supplied with the tried and true Yashica lenses, with a dept of fields being the only indulgent. A meter needle in the viewer offered an up or down movement without recommended values. Just fiddle with the settings, and you are good to go.

List number 3517
Brand Yashica
Format 35mm
Model FX-2
Introduced 1976
Qty made
Country Japan
Type Compact SLR
Body material Metal
Mode Manual
Weight 690 gr,  Body only
Class average weight 620 gr,  Body only
ASA range 12-1600
Kit lens 1,9/50
Lens make Yashica
Filter size 52 mm
Lens mount Bayonet
Mount size Yashica C/Y
shutter Focal plane cloth horizontal
Light meter CdS TTL
Winder Lever
Lock Yes
Speeds B, 1-1000
DOF preview
Exposure lock No
Exposure compensation No
Shoe Hot
External sync X
Sync speed 60
Timer Yes
Battery Original 675R, replacement SR44
Battery style Button
Battery voltage 1.3 / 1.5
Integral flash None

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